University and Industry Seek to Develop ‘Smart Grid’

The cost of electrical energy is a concern for the people who use it and the people who produce it. Researchers are exploring new sources of clean, renewable energy; electrical companies are searching for ways to make their grids safer and smarter; and large corporations are trying to keep costs down while meeting their growing energy needs. At the University of Arkansas, an engineering center of excellence called the Grid-Connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems, or GRAPES, is bringing together members of each of these groups so that they can share ideas, information and resources to improve the way we generate and use energy.

Senior Journalism Campaigns Class Creates Promotional Materials for NSF GRAPES Center

Building collaborative partnerships within the university, the National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission employed the marketing services of 15 University of Arkansas seniors through their Journalism Campaigns course.

The smart grid “Grand Challenge”

Interview with Dr. Alan Mantooth, IEEE Fellow, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas (UA), and Executive Director of three UA research centers, by Barbara Vergetis Lundin of Dr. Mantooth defines “what is a ‘smart grid'”: “Smart grid consists of a utility grid’s communications layer, controls, and the hardware that can be controlled to maintain and improve grid reliability.”

Koontz Electric Company Joins GRAPES Center

The GRid-Connected Advanced Power Electronics Systems, or GRAPES as it is called, has announced that a new industry partner has joined the center, Koontz Electric Company Inc.

APEI Team Wins 2012 Arkansas Small Business Award

The four-member management team of Arkansas Power Electronics International has been named the 2012 Arkansas Small Business Person of the Year, in the team category, by the Small Business Administration.

Academia and Industry Collaborate at the GRAPES Semi-Annual Meeting

In November 2011, the Grid-connected Advanced Power Electronics Systems Center celebrated its two-year anniversary and held a semi-annual meeting on the University of Arkansas campus.

Oak Ridge National Lab and Industrial Technology Research Institute Join GRAPES Center

As 2011 closes, GRAPES is proud to announce that two new industry partners have joined the center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Oak Ridge and the Industrial Technology Research Institute join 18 other industrial partners and one government partner in supporting the research of nine faculty members at the University of Arkansas and the University of South Carolina in the area of grid-connected power electronics.

GRAPES Executive Director Discusses the Role of NCREPT in UA Research at SEC Symposium in February

Dr. Alan Mantooth, Distinguished Professor of electrical engineering, talks about the University’s National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission.

Researchers Develop Device to Mitigate Blackouts, Prevent Equipment Damage

A local power failure in Ohio ten years ago caused a series of cascading power failures that resulted in a massive blackout that affected 50 million people and caused billions of dollars in damage and lost revenue.

How to Save the Electrical Grid

Extreme storms such as Hurricane Sandy have pushed the U.S. electrical grid to its breaking point. The technology exists to keep the lights on—we just need to implement it.

Student Opportunity-Scholars to study in South Korea

Please see pdf files included for more information on this opportunity to study abroad. [공고문] Brain Pool_19 1st call -Brain Pool announcement(수정) Brain Pool_19 1st call Brain Pool Program Guidelines(수정) (1) [공고문] Korea Research Fellowship(KRF)_19 1st Call for...

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Dr. Alan Mantooth attends GRAPES Korea Meeting

Dr. Alan Mantooth attended the GRAPES Korea Meeting.  While there he presented "Power Electronic Systems in Electrical Distribution" at Korea University in Seoul, Korea.                                              

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GRAPES holds Spring 2018 IAB Meeting

The NSF Center for GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems (GRAPES) in the Department of Electrical Engineering hosted its Spring 2018 Industrial Advisory Board Meeting on May 30-31st in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM)...

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University of Arkansas Power Group at APEC 2018

Want to know about the latest development from University Arkansas Power Group? Join us at APEC 2018 in different sessions!   Tutorial: WBG Switching Circuits: Design, Test, Devices and Applications (March 4, 2018, 9:30am-1:00pm, 4th session in block) T10:...

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Wolfspeed, NCREPT Make R&D Magazine Top 100 for Third Time

Nov. 09, 2016 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – For the third time in seven years, University of Arkansas researchers have been recognized for their contribution to a local electronics company being included in R&D Magazine's list of the world's top 100 technological product...

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University of Yonsei South Korea joins GRAPES

June 28, 2017: Yonsei Power IT Group is pleased to announce the success of its kick-off meeting for the GRAPES-Korea collaboration. IAB members in GRAPES-Korea this year include: Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO) Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI)...

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More Secure & Reliable Energy

UWM joined a federally-funded group that works with government, industries and universities to make the U.S. electrical grid more reliable, greener and less expensive. UWM's contribution to the center is its expertise in microgrids. The group is the National Science...

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